goals for new year, 2020

10 Life Changing Goals For The New Year

Make Resolutions Which Last

new year resolution

Our resolutions come 2020 should be ones that don’t expire within a month or two into the year.

We need to be able to set resolutions that we could keep for long periods cause we only reap results from long-lasting resolutions.

We want to make a perfect blend of durable and impactful resolutions.

Setting goals which are life changing and impactful inspires , motivates and guides the resolutions we set come 2020.

10 Goals For The New Year

goals for the new year

1. Increase Workout Time

On days when I workout, I do so for about 50 minutes and I don’t work out lots of days inbetween.

My goal in 2020 is to workout  for an hour daily.

As I grow older I have come to notice that working out doesn’t just help me maintain a great physique, it also helps my food digest better and improves my resilence to hard work.

Working out also helps gets me to get in the right frame of mind to conquer my days.

I am certain if you are already working out, you will be able to add more benefits of working out to my summarised list.

In case you are not yet working out, you are missing the opportunity to become a better and healthier you.

2. Eat Better

Great dieting goes hand in hand with working out in order to achieve and maintain your best health.

Eating healthy even has a greater effect on the body than working out.

To be our healthiest we need to eat the right meals at the right time.

  • More fruits and vegetables.
  • No eating 3 hours before bed.
  • Drinking lots of water to help wash out toxics.
  • Striving to always consume balanced diets.

3. More Hours For My Passion

There things we all love doing, things which we enjoy doing despite the financial gain.

There are other things which we need to do in order to pay the bills.

The best life is when you find a way to make what you love doing pay the bills.

Some of us are lucky to be able to pay the bills with our passions but some of us are not but wherever we stand, we will have a happier time upcoming year if we spent more time doing what we love.

The more time we spend doing what we love, the more we increase our chances of making money from it.

4. A Better Friend

During an episode of the TV show I co-host, we were talking about the difference between childhood and adulthood friendships.

What we could all agree on is that as we get older we lose more friends and spend less time on friendship.

We are all so busy working to pay the bills.

My goals this upcoming here are to check up on some old friends, be more loyal to the friends I have and listen more and talk less.

Be a more compassionate and less judgy friend.

5. Be More Spiritual

Meditation is something I have frequently preach and have tried to practice but not enough.

When I have tried to meditate consistently, I notice the outstanding improvement in my mental health and stress rate.

Taking time to reflect on my daily actions and endeavoring to filter out the less productive daily is also something I will like to do more of in 2020.

We Baha’is do believe in the importance of words being backup by deeds, ” Let deeds, not a word be your adorning” is a quotation we strive to live by daily.

A quotation I will be striving to remember more often in 2020.

6. Work Harder

One thing I have noticed frequently is the link between the extremely successful and  how hard they work.

The extremely fit talk about spending several hours in the gym, some even go to the gym multiple times a day.

The extremely wealthy talk about working themselves to exhaustion at times.

My goal this upcoming year is not to go to any of the above extremes but to maintain a healthy balance.

My plan is to maintain a great work ethic which helps me get closest to my goals.

(insert link for lessons learned )

7. Limit Unnecessary Money Use

Spending money feels great and for most of use, it feels better spending money than  working to make the money.

Most financial planners will tell us it is important to maintain a healthy make money, spend money ratio, which is …

When we spend more than or very close to what we make, we are at risk of alway living on the edge.

In order to achieve this healthy balance, we will need to look through all our daily expenses and filter out the unessential.

8. Read Often

If you follow Tai Lopez, a very successful entrepreneur, you probably have heard him emphasize the importance of reading daily.

Other billionaires like Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey are also extensive readers.

The best and most detailed way to be informed about certain subjects is by spending time acquiring the knowledge books on that subject have to offer.

Reading books is like getting the rare opportunity to be mentored by experts in diverse subjects.

So mindful of the fact that readers are leaders, one of my goals this 2020 is to be a better and more extensive reader.

9. Care Less About External Opinion

There are so many ventures we will like to take on and the major factor holding us back is what people will think.

How will people see us based on our choices?

This is  a question which oftentimes prevents us from living up to our greatest potential.

Come 2020, an awesome goal will be to care less about this.

10. Manage Time Better

Efficient time management is the major key to having more productive days.

Knowing what to prioritize and what not to is the secret to getting the right things done for daily steps closer to our goals.

In this upcoming year, 2020, ending each day with a written list of things to do the following day according to priority is my plan for more productive days ahead.

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