How to focus in life

10 Incredible Tips, How To Focus In Life

The Most Important Quote On How To Focus In Life

Our post today will be focused on the quote from one of my favorite motivational speakers, Jay Shetty.

The opposite of distraction is not focus but attraction.

Jay shetty how to focus in life

This quote from one of my favorite Jay Shetty videos about getting rid of the distraction really got to me.

This is because I have always thought to myself when I get distracted ” Etah you need to focus ”

I have also been told to focus by some of my lecturers and parents when I didn’t have good grades.

So I have always felt that being distracted meant poor performance, which implied I needed to focus more, true.

But how do I get to focus more?

How do I get myself to gather the self-control I need to avoid distraction.

What Is The Secret To Focus In Life

the secret on how to focus in life

Well, this quote answers that.

What we need is attraction ?

If we think about it, we are always distracted by things we are attracted to.

Is it a movie, good looking people, good meals, awesome lifestyle, fun adventure, and so much more.

All these things have the power to distract us because we are attracted to them.

Most times more attracted to them, than what we are supposed to be focused on.

So what this tells us is in order to be more focus, we need to find something that we are more attracted to than our most frequent distractions.

Looking back, my years in college were the times when I watched the most series and movies.

Right now I find it difficult to even get through few episodes of very captivating series.

This is because, unlike my college days, I am more attracted to what I am doing and studying now.

The Awesome Thing About Focus

Before we dive into some additional ways in which we can focus, first let’s look at some of the benefits of focusing.

  • Focusing gets things done faster.
  • It leads to efficient time management.
  • Focus gets things done more efficiently, as you get to notice more detail you might have missed.
  • It increases your chance of success.
  • It maximizes your brain potential and so much more.

Some Additional Tips On How To Focus In Life

how to focus in life

Yes, this quote really covers how we can focus in life .

Basically by getting the inspiration to intentionally stay away from the distraction, by finding something you are highly attracted to.

But still, there are some additional tips we can all use to limit the distractions, thereby increasing our focus.

A lot of the points which I cited for How to overcome procrastination can also be applied to getting focus in life and becoming more productive

1. Doing what you love and having a purpose

I decided to group this together because I have spoken a lot about this in some previous articles, I have written.

And also I believe the above quote, implies that.

In order for us to be attracted to anything, we need to do what we love with a purpose.

2. Avoid scrolling through social media

Research has shown and I am sure you have probably noticed that scrolling through social media has a lot of negative effects on your mental health.

Another disadvantage of scrolling through social media is that this leads to brain fatigue.

Which then makes it difficult for us to focus on anything.

The reason for this is that scrolling through social media involves a lot of decision making on what to click on and what not to.

3. Turn off Notifications

Reduce the temptation to check your phone, until you are done.

In my case, I have turned off notifications for most social media apps.

Even WhatsApp and regular SMS.

I check them only when I am resting, I am not obligated to reply immediately the messages come in.

I sometimes put my phone in do not disturb mode, when I get or want to in the zone.

4. Limit the decisions you have to make daily

This is one of the reasons why we see many successful people like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates and the rest have a limited variation of outfits.

I have even heard of successful people who don’t like going through the various items on restaurant menus, they have a fixed healthy meal they order.

All this is to limit the number of decisions they have to make daily, as this takes up some of our brain energy.

So avoiding making decisions for less important things leaves room to focus on more important things.

Of course, I am not saying your outfit for the day or meal should not be important to you.

All I am saying is remember to take up brain energy only for making decisions that are important.

Also, you could try planning your meals, outfits, and schedules before the day begins, so you just stick to that and don’t have to go through the process of deciding.

5. Get your daily dose of motivation.

Like Zig Ziglar said,  ” People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing- that’s why we recommend it daily “.

Yeah, we lose our motivation.

Sometimes we don’t just feel like getting out of bed, it happens.

That is why we need to constantly consume content which inspires us to stay focused and productive.

Even on days when we feel like just laying down and watching movies or funny cat videos all day.

6. Set time limits.

This is actually my secret to creating content at a faster rate.

When I begin I look at the time and I say, ok I want to finish in two hours.

This gives me pressure to stay focused on finishing on time.

Hence going for the distractions is not an option until I am done.

I also like to give myself some kind of reward for finishing on time.

Also, don’t give yourself too much time for the completion of that task.

7. Meditation

This is a big one for me.

I can pretty much prescribe motivation for everything.

Healing yourself, getting over a heartbreak, achieving your goals, you name it.

Meditation is just all around awesome.

I have noticed that practicing meditation consistently makes it much easier to focus.

If you have ever tried a beginner’s guided meditation, you will remember we are being told to either focus on your breath or on some imaginary uplifting situation.

This regular practice of focus, well makes it easier to focus.

8. Strive for excellence ( avoid feeling frustrated )

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be distracted by other things because we are frustrated by the task we are supposed to focus on.

I confess to having done that so many times.

Most times when I work on developing my skills on that task, it inspires me to focus and get it done.

On this point, I think it is important, I remind you about the importance of a growth mindset.

This mindset tells us that getting to excellence is something we work at not something we are born with.

This prevents us from getting frustrated because of our now abilities.

And also inspires us to work on getting better, rather than giving up on ourselves.

9. Prepare for work

This involves getting yourself and your working environment ready for work.

You don’t want to lose focus because you are hungry.

You don’t want to lose enthusiasm to work, and eventually, focus because you don’t have the right tools to get the job done.

10. Get To Know About Success

I only think it is right we conclude with this point, as this crowns up every other tip on how to focus in life.

Reading and getting to know about the lives of many successful people, we get to know about the importance of focusing.

This inspires us to do what is necessary to focus.

Also, we get some tips from them just how they were able to attain the level of focus needed for their level of success.

When To Welcome Distractions

These distractions are a part of our lives.

  • Checking your phone, responding to messages.
  • Getting updated about what is happening in the world.
  • Watching a movie.
  • Playing games or having conversations with your loved ones.

Though all these things listed above are very important, they become a distraction when they keep you from focusing on the priority of the moment.

So what we can do is schedule distraction breaks in between our working hours.

This will go a long way to help us even focus more.

Studies have shown that we can focus for at least 90 minutes before we need a break.

This is the genius behind many college lectures lasting for about 90 minutes.

So if we don’t give ourselves a break for about 15 minutes, after 90 minutes, then we will just be wasting more time as we will find it hard to focus.

Remember, we are all unique.

So get to know yourself.

How long can you concentrate before you need a break?

How much time do you need for a break?

It goes without saying we can also indulge in more leisure activities when we are done with our daily tasks.

As the saying goes, work, then play.

I hope you found some value here on how to focus in life.

As usual, my friends, go be legendary.


  • Holly

    Your #4 (limiting the number of decisions you need to make) really resonates with me. Making decisions, even easy ones, is exhausting. One of the hardest things about being a mom, I think. 😉 Constant decisions wearing us down!

    I also think setting time limits is a great tip. I do that myself to get motivated to clean the house. I’ll look around and be overwhelmed at how much there is to do, so I say, “Well, let’s just set a timer for 10 minutes to see what happens.” I’m usually willing to keep going once that 10 minutes is up because by that point, I’ve found my groove.

    All in all, these are some great tips that will surely help any content writer!

  • Destiny

    Yes I believe being distracted meant poor performance, I have to realize they when you focus you are Woking towards success. After reading this article I came I decided to amend my ways, I never knew scrolling through social media causes brain fatigue and yes I lose focus. Cheers, I love this.

    • Etah

      I am glad you found some value here, Destiny.
      Yeah it was very surprising to me to when I first heard about that but come to think of it scrolling through social media really has an impact on our minds

  • Daniel

    Hi Etah, I must say that this article is very helpful and interesting. What you say here is very true and I can’t agree more. Most problematic to me is social media, I simply don’t know how to get “rid” of that. I will definitely work more on that. Thanks for sharing such great tips, it is something very important for our lives.

  • Jessica

    Very insightful. I totally agree about social media scrolling. After a few hours of that, I’m pretty much brain dead. I like how you researched your facts. Very authoritive. Also with being attracted to something easily wards against distractions is completely on point. Like building websites and learning; two things I am super attracted to, I see working on this 12 hours a day has not left me bored for one moment. Your post is so true. I also like the layout of your website. What is your overall goal with it?

    • Etah

      I am glad you found some value here, Jessica.
      Attraction definitely repels distraction.
      Thanks for the compliment.
      My overall goal with my site is to create a community in which we can all be honest about our challenges, shortcomings, and reasons for success.
      Also, inspire each other to reach for our wildest dreams.

  • Cheong Seow Ling

    Yes, it is the attraction that is distraction to me in my life. 

    In the world of jobs, my boss is the main distraction that make my performance sucks. You are given a task to follow, but always the impromptu task that come from the boss last minutes is the one that distract your focus. Without completing, another impromptu action come again. This continuous distraction is the one that actually affect the daily performance to meet the dateline.

    • Etah

      Wow, that must be hard.
      I can see how that can be really distracting.
      I think it might help if you accomplish each task according to how urgent they are.
      If the impromptu tasks are the priority then you could complete them then go to the others.
      I really have all the facts about your specific situation but I do hope some of the tips on how to focus despite the distraction will help you out.
      More content will be coming up on this subject.
      Best regards to you and good luck on your journey to hopefully become your own boss one day.

  • Henry

    Hi Etah! I have enjoyed reading this. There are quite a few things that I discovered reading your post. And one of them is that people highly successful limit their decisions concerning their outfits. I know the point you’re trying to make is not to copy them. But that they value their brain energy and use it wisely. And even making daily decisions concerning what outfit to wear consumes some brain energy.

    And I love the quote you have highlighted. The important thing is to be attracted to our goals. To daily find things that inspire us to be attracted to them. Thanks a lot!

  • Olalekan Taliat

    Hi Etah, is good to read your wonderful post on tips on how to focus in life. This is an insightful article, and I have learn a lot from it. Focusing had always being a big factor in achieving goals in life .

    I had a lot of problem focusing on missions and visions I created. The steps here are really good to manage lack of focus. I will recommend this article to friends and family, and I hope it will be of good use to the general problem.

    • Etah

      I am glad you found some value here, Olalekan.
      You are right this will be helpful to your friends and family too.
      Best regards to you

  • Dapoach

    The ten Incredible Tips, on  how To Focus In Life that you shared is really inspiring i must confess. Reading this early morning is really a good way to kick-start my day. The “Are you Distracted” video you dropped is also very motivating. Among-st the ten points you listed i’m really guilty of point number three ( i don’t always turn ff notification) and this has really affected me and always gets me distracted not to finish my daily goals successfully. Thanks so much for this article, it has really been helpful.

    • Etah

      I am glad you found some value here, Dapoach.
      The first step is identifying your problem, so you are already a step ahead to becoming a better version of you.
      Best regards to you

  • Adamu2

    Thank you for this awesome post, all of your posts have been a dose helping me in real life. Success can only be achieved when following the 10 tips above. Luck doesn’t just happen, it’s preparation plus opportunity  that births luck. I will be expecting more of your post on this blog. Thanks for the informative, it’s highly resourceful 

    • Etah

      I am glad you found some value here, Adamu,
      sure more helpful posts coming up, I have an exciting and truly impactful set of posts lined up
      Best regards to you

  • Kenechi

    Life without motivation and focus seems too meaningless to me. A man or woman who truly wants to succeed in life must have a purpose. He or she must be goal oriented and each time you wake up in the morning you have to strategize on how to accomplish your daily tasks in other to meet up to your yearly goals. I do my best in doing whatever that brings me closer to my goals on daily basis. All the 10 tips you listed in your article are all wonderful and it has added to my motivation this morning. Thank you. 

  • Hany Hamed

    Hi Etah,

    The topic of focus happen to be one of my favorite subjects. All the tips you mentioned here are of great value, and it works – specially Meditation. Your quote from the great Zig is one of my favorite quotes of all time, and every time I shower I happen to remember it 🙂 

    Yes, we are all different when it comes to how long we stayed focus before we can take a break, and I believe not only it matters from person to person, but also from day to day. Sometimes I can go on for 1 or 2 hours without a break, another day I can’t get to 45 minutes! 

    Planning my outfits and meals the day before is a big help and I will do that to save my self the agony of decisions. Thanks for this great topic, keep them coming, cheers.

    • Etah

      I am glad you found some value here, Hany.
      I totally agree with you on the amount of time we can stay focused also depends on the day.
      I can relate to that, some days I have more brain stamina than others.
      Best regards to you and rest are sure more helpful articles are lined up

  • Rutz

    Thanks for the incredible tips on how to focus in Life.  I stopped at No. 2 and 3 because these one really affects me.  Sometimes I catch myself being in so much social media that I almost get distracted from my focus but I have learnt to turn off notifications.  At least with my phone the What’s App is always off mode and I get in there when I have free time. 

    • Etah

      I am glad you could find some value here, Rutz.
      Already putting the steps in practice, incredible, you are definitely a step ahead from all those you have the knowledge but don’t implement.
      Best regards to you on the road ahead

  • Gracen

    Hello Etah, focus is a necessary factor that leads to one achieving his or her goals. When we lose focus in life, we tend to live a life of hopelessness. That quote, (‘the opposite of distraction is not focus but attraction’) got me thinking. You know prior to reading this article, I wouldn’t have agreed with the quote but reading through your well presented argument on why attraction is actually the opposite of distraction, I couldn’t help but agree with you.

    Focus has many advantages and you have aptly listed them out. Somebody that lives a focused life always have this self confidence aura oozing out of him.

    Your tips on how to focus in life are great, especially doing what you love and having a purpose.

  • Etah

    I am glad I could modify your view on focus and distraction.
    I totally agree with you, focus is a self-confidence magnet.
    I am happy you found this post helpful
    best regards to you

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